„The GK-StreetArt Gallery"
Berlin Reinickendorf - Oranienburger Straße 3, 6, 9, 12

 The artist Gita Kurdpoor ​​started her new project „The GK-StreetArt Gallery" in the capital in July 2022. As always, it is important to her that, in addition to the passers-by, residents and the neighborhood, she enriches and above all inspires everyone with her art. In this project, Gita Kurdpoor ​​dedicated herself to the topic of self-discovery and determination in our fast-moving world and society.

It is not always easy to decide which way to go. Which temptations do you resist and which do you give in to? What vices can you shed? Making the right decision and thus taking and following the right path for yourself is a process that is always omnipresent in our lives. Some speak of destiny. There are no coincidences. We often find ourselves in situations where we don't understand what the learning task is at the acute moment. All the more often we experience that in hindsight everything seems very logical and everything made sense.
The murals symbolize, in addition to the harmony of the senses, the perception of one's own senses. How sensitively do we perceive things, the world and our surroundings? Are we confident? Are we self aware? What do we perceive? Are we able to make ourselves happy detached from others? Do we define ourselves by ourselves or by the attention of others? The artist takes us on her journey of the senses, which act through our own actions and successively transform our own perception.
Six Senses
In the first mural of the Street Art Gallery, the artist symbolizes the six senses, which in harmony with each other represent a unity. Contrary to the assumption that we have five senses, there are six: sight, hearing, smell, taste, touch and perception. The harmony of the senses is implemented in every element through recurring shapes and colours. We perceive some senses more consciously than others. Only the equality of all brings us further comprehensively. Being in balance and in harmony with oneself is also an essential requirement of the artist herself.
The right path
The 2nd artwork of the series, shows two outstanding components. We all know the famous gut feeling and our mind: intuition and ratio - and their advantages and disadvantages. Which impulse or which inner voice do we give in to? The focus here is on what we perceive and decide for ourselves. Do we follow intuition or the expectations of others? Courage and self-confidence, as well as self-knowledge, have an influence here. If we manage to use our abilities adequately, to trust our gut feeling and thus ourselves, we often achieve more than we thought possible.With the second work of the StreetArt Gallery, the artist brought exactly this conflict of head and mind to a house wall.
The Focus
In her third mural, the artist Gita Kurdpoor ​​combines the senses, perceptions and centers them: focused in the center.
The main weight of our existence must be the focus on ourselves. Only those who love, respect and value themselves can implement and show this on the outside and in dealing with others. In a world like ours, which is fast-moving, sometimes superficial and also ignorant, it challenges us very much to allow these abilities, our basic instincts. Doing this every day also requires a degree of discipline, courage and strength. The perception and attention to our senses is essential. If we concentrate on ourselves and our strengths, regardless of external influences, we will come to our own center on our own.
The Transition
With her fourth and final mural, the artist makes it clear that you can and should exceed your own limits or those set by others.
Those who know themselves well are not afraid of disappointments or successes. At the beginning of a way, you don't know where the path will lead you. But the experiences we gather make us the people we are. Things only change when we are willing to walk the paths and if we are not afraid. Those who rest in themselves will ultimately master the challenges of life and not lose themselves. This is exactly what we achieve, with self-confidence and our own perception of our senses, strengths.